Independent Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planners

We DO NOT ACCEPT COMMISSIONS or SELL PRODUCT.  We work only for you, as a fiduciary, to represent your best financial interest with 100% loyalty.

  • We are comprehensive financial planners helping you formulate a unified plan.
  • We can work with you in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.

Click here to schedule a free meeting with Bill Holliday, CFP.  We have clients throughout the US.

AIO Finanical works with clients on:

  • investment management and review,
  • retirement planning,
  • taxes,
  • insurance,
  • estate planning,
  • debt reduction,
  • specializing in Socially Responsible Investing
  • and any other financial area

Where you may have seen Bill Holliday, CFP of AIO Financial?


As fee only fiduciaries, we’re different from 94% of financial advisors

  • we work for you, not an insurance or mutual fund company
  • fiduciary (highest) standard of care
  • no conflicts of interest – NO commissions

Competitive and Flexible Fees

AIO Financial fees are a great value for the services provided. We offer the option of working with us:

  • based on the amount of assets we manage for you
  • for a flat fee
  • on an hourly basis

Most importantly, we believe in full disclosure – so we never hide or bury our fees like other brokers or “financial advisors” who are commission or “fee-based” (not Fee-Only).

No Minimum Portfolio Size

Broad investment options

Because we do not get commissions from selling products, we can meet our clients’ needs using:

  • exchange traded funds (ETF)
  • market linked CDs
  • mutual funds
  • buffered enhanced notes
  • individual stocks
  • market linked CDs
  • bonds (corporate, municipal)
  • treasuries
  • alternative investments


Socially Responsible Investing

For those people who are interested in Socially Responsible Investing, we have extensive experience helping people invest in-line with their values and make positive changes.  Socially Responsible Investing includes: screening, shareholder advocacy and community investing.  Bill hosts a podcast called Impact Investing on the topic.

When you work with AIO Financial, you work directly with Bill Holliday, CFP