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PODCAST: Investing in Bitcoin

I recently saw the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin. It is filled with interviews from experts and people involved in the Bitcoin beginnings and growth. It also discusses its future and technology.  This blog/podcast is about Bitcoin - the video can be found at:...

PODCAST: How to Save on Taxes with your own Business

Interview with an Enrolled Agent In this podcast/video/blog I speak with Amy Wall, an enrolled agent, which means she is licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers and she has a degree in economics. She works on taxes for individuals and business owners at the Tucson...

PODCAST: Socially Responsible Investment Performance vs Traditional Investments

This is a question we often receive: I want my investments to help move companies in a positive direction but I don't want to sacrifice performance.  How does the performance of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) compare with traditional index investments? To...

PODCAST: Is Climate Change Man-made? What can we do?

In this podcast we interview Joe Holliday, a professor of earth science at El Camino College in Los Angeles, California where he regularly speaks about climate change a topic he is pasionate about. We discuss the evidence that shows: climate change is occurring,...

PODCAST: Financial Winners and Losers Under Trump Presidency

Happy 2017.  I’m back after a break from blogging and social media - since the Trump election.  I was extremely disappointed with the results of the election and how Trump won. The entire election process is disturbing. I spent some time thinking about how I can make...

PODCAST: What to Expect from the Market

In this episode I discuss what I learned from a recent conference for fee only financial planners.  Many economists and fund managers spoke about their expectations for the markets.  I heard many good arguments for diversification in an investment portfolio beyond...

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