#35 David Harrell – Morningstar ESG Rating

David Harrel morningstar ESG statisticIn this episode, we interview David Harrell of Morningstar about their new Sustainability rating.

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#32 Leisa Peterson – WealthClinic

Leisa Peterson wealth clinic business coachIn this episode, we interview Lisa Peterson of Wealth Clinic (www.wealthclinic.com).  Leisa is a business strategist and money coach who works with people to gain clarity, peace of mind and confidence so you can get out of the rut that keeps you stuck in place. So you can design your business and life the way you want them to be.

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#31 Todd Tresidder – merits of Socially Responsible Investing

Todd Tresidder merits of Socially Responsible Investing

In this episode, we interview Todd Tresidder of Financial Mentor.  Todd speaks to me about the ineffectiveness of screening alone as a socially responsible investing strategy.

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#30 Lynn Patterson, ProMujer

ProMujer, Lynne Patterson, microcredit, women

In this episode, we interview Lynne Patterson of ProMujer.  ProMujer is a women’s development organization, serving more than a quarter of a million poor women in Latin America. They provide financial services, life-saving preventative healthcare, education and business training.

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#29 Mohammed Iqbal, MBU Capital Social Fund

MBU Capital

In this episode, we interview Mohammed Iqbal of MBU Capital.  Their social bond helps investments in real estate outside of London in the UK in: community regeneration, affordable housing, care homes, student accommodations, and serviced offices.

The social bond is a 3 year investment that pays 7%/yr (paying every 6 months), plus 5% of the profit above that, plus 5% of the profit to a charity that you choose.

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#28 David Miller, Iroquois Valley Farms

Iroquois valley farms, david miller, organic farming
In this episode, we interview David Miller, the founder and CEO of Iroquios Valley Farms.  They allow investors the opportunity to invest in local and organic farms.  These are long term investment commitments (7-10 years).  The minimum investment is about $25,000.  Investors must be accredited.

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42 Examples of Shareholder Activism

Shareholder activism an important tool in making positive changes.  It is one of the three strategies used in socially responsible investing (SRI).  It involves using your rights as a shareholder to make changes. You can address environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues.

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#27 Leslie Samuelrich, Green Century Mutual Funds

green century mutual funds, leslie samuelrich
In this episode, I speak with Leslie Samuelrich of Green Century Capital Management. Green Century Capital Management (Green Century) is the administrator of the Green Century Funds, a family of environmentally responsible mutual funds.

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#26 Mark Harera, RSF Social Fund

RSF social fund, socially responsible investing

In this episode I speak with Mark Harera of RSF social fund.  RSF offers investing, lending, and opportunities to organizations that improve society and the environment. Their general social fund pays 0.7% annually.

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#25 Calvert Socially Responsible Index Mutual Funds

Calvert Socially Resposible Index Mutual Fund
In this episode, I speak with Erica Lasdon (Sustainable Research Department) and Laurie Webster (Investment operations) at Calvert Investments.  Calvert is one of the largest and most active Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) mutual fund companies.  They have come out with some lower expense ratio index SRI funds.

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