3 Fraud

We received a request over email from a client who wanted money wired to a bank for the purchase of furniture.  We filled out the Schwab paperwork and email them to her (at the email her correct email address).  She signed and returned the form but Schwab requires that we also call to verify bank wires.  Schwab also let us know that the signature did not match the signature on file and they needed to speak with her.  I called her and left a message and also emailed her saying that Schwab and we needed to speak with her.

Soon after a woman with a slight accent called saying she was our client and that we should go ahead with the wire.  Our client called later and verified that she was unaware of this wire request.  Someone had hacked into her email and was forwarding all emails from us and Schwab to another address.

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1 Asset Allocation – Investment Strategy

Asset allocation is simply splitting an investment portfolio among broad categories of investments.  Those broad categories are typically US stocks, international stocks, fixed income (bonds and treasuries) and short-term reserves (cash, money market funds, short-term CDs).  Some advisers add “alternative investments” (real estate, commodities, partnerships, etc.) as a separate broad category.

The asset allocation that works best for you at any given point in your life will depend largely on your time horizon (when you need the money) and your ability to tolerate risk (willingness to hold onto investments even if they go down in value).

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