49 Long/Short Investing Strategy

When investing, broad diversification can reduce your risk.  Many investors limit themselves to bond funds and stock funds.  In many 401k, and other employer sponsored plans, bond and stock funds are the only option.

The stock market is at all time highs and with this current administration there is  much uncertainty.  Bonds currently offer very low interest rates.

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#30 Lynn Patterson, ProMujer

ProMujer, Lynne Patterson, microcredit, women

In this episode, we interview Lynne Patterson of ProMujer.  ProMujer is a women’s development organization, serving more than a quarter of a million poor women in Latin America. They provide financial services, life-saving preventative healthcare, education and business training.

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#29 Mohammed Iqbal, MBU Capital Social Fund

MBU Capital

In this episode, we interview Mohammed Iqbal of MBU Capital.  Their social bond helps investments in real estate outside of London in the UK in: community regeneration, affordable housing, care homes, student accommodations, and serviced offices.

The social bond is a 3 year investment that pays 7%/yr (paying every 6 months), plus 5% of the profit above that, plus 5% of the profit to a charity that you choose.

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#28 David Miller, Iroquois Valley Farms

Iroquois valley farms, david miller, organic farming
In this episode, we interview David Miller, the founder and CEO of Iroquios Valley Farms.  They allow investors the opportunity to invest in local and organic farms.  These are long term investment commitments (7-10 years).  The minimum investment is about $25,000.  Investors must be accredited.

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#24 Keith Pettus, SQN Capital, Alternative Investment

SQN alternative investment income interest

In this episode, I speak with Keith Pettus with SQN Advisors.  SQN offers an alternative investment, a limited partnership. They will raise $50 million dollars and will close the fund and open a new one. The fund is expected to run 5-7 years and the minimum investment is $25k.  This fund invests in business necessary income producing equipment.  They rent the equipment then effectively sell it.  The fund pays 8% per year.

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#23 Josh Vail, 361 Capital – Liquid Alternative Mutual Fund Investment

361 Captial Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds Josh Vail

This podcast is an interview with Josh Vail from 361 Capital.  361 Capital is an investment management firm that is solely focused on liquid alternative investment (alternative mutual funds). They were founded as Hedge Fund of Fund in 2001 and managed money for ultra-high net worth individuals, foundations and institutions. They started to move to products with greater liquidity due client demand in 2006 and in 2009 starting packaging our “intellectual capabilities” into investments products that we available to all investors not just the very elite. Today they have four mutual funds some of which our managed in house and a long short fund that is managed by a Sub-Advisor that we’d know since our Hedge Funds days – Analytic Investors.

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#22 Sara Potter, She Can Trade, Option Investing

Sara Potter She Can Trade Options Trader

This podcast is an interview with Sara Potter of SheCanTrade.com.  Sara is an options trader and offers information to aspiring options traders through her web site.  We discuss her strategies and the ways she works with members.

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#21 Structured Products – Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner

Structured Product Market Linked Investment

Structured product, also known as a market-linked investment, is a pre-packaged investment strategy designed to give customized risk-return. This is accomplished by taking a traditional security, such as an investment-grade bond or a CD, and replacing the interest payment with a payoff based on the performance of one or more underlying assets.

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#20 TriLinc Global Investment – Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner

Trilinc global lending investing alternative investment

TriLinc Global is an impact fund whose mission is to demonstrate the role that the capital markets can play in helping solve some of the world’s pressing economic, social and environmental challenges. By creating institutional-quality impact funds that attract private capital at scale, TriLinc Global sets a high standard of transparency and accountability for delivering financial returns, and for tracking and reporting impact to investors.

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39 – Alternative Investments – Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner

Alternative Investments hedging priva
Alternative investments are investments that is not one of the three traditional asset types (stocks, bonds and cash). Most alternative investment assets are held by institutional investors or accredited, high-net-worth individuals because of their complex nature, limited regulations and relative lack of liquidity. However, recently more alternative investments are available to retail investors.

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