#39 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors

financial scams targeted at seniors

This blog is about financial scams that target seniors, but let me start with a few facts about this large and growing population.

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#38 The Cost of Raising Kids

cost of raising kids financial planning

The Cost of Raising Kids – what to expect

The amount you spend will vary based on several factors including:

  • where you live,
  • will you send them to private or public school,
  • do they need daycare,
  • what schooling is available and what kind are you comfortable sending them to

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#8 – Financial Planning for Same Sex Couples – Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner

In this podcast I will answer the question: How does financial planning for same sex couples differ from financial planning for traditional couples?

The blog that addresses this question can be found at: 17 Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples

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