#40 Financial Winners and Losers Under Trump Presidency

Impact investing podcast Trump stocks taxes

Happy 2017.  I’m back after a break from blogging and social media – since the Trump election.  I was extremely disappointed with the results of the election and how Trump won. The entire election process is disturbing.

I spent some time thinking about how I can make an impact and I will continue to explore options and take the steps I can.  Right now, I will focus on Socially Responsible Investing – community investing and shareholder advocacy.

Any change of president, especially with changing political parties, brings with it some industries will do better and those that will not do as well as they previously had.  In addition, with Republicans in control of the White House and both houses of Congress, there will most likely be major tax reform in 2017.

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#25 Calvert Socially Responsible Index Mutual Funds

Calvert Socially Resposible Index Mutual Fund
In this episode, I speak with Erica Lasdon (Sustainable Research Department) and Laurie Webster (Investment operations) at Calvert Investments.  Calvert is one of the largest and most active Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) mutual fund companies.  They have come out with some lower expense ratio index SRI funds.

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#24 Keith Pettus, SQN Capital, Alternative Investment

SQN alternative investment income interest

In this episode, I speak with Keith Pettus with SQN Advisors.  SQN offers an alternative investment, a limited partnership. They will raise $50 million dollars and will close the fund and open a new one. The fund is expected to run 5-7 years and the minimum investment is $25k.  This fund invests in business necessary income producing equipment.  They rent the equipment then effectively sell it.  The fund pays 8% per year.

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#23 Josh Vail, 361 Capital – Liquid Alternative Mutual Fund Investment

361 Captial Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds Josh Vail

This podcast is an interview with Josh Vail from 361 Capital.  361 Capital is an investment management firm that is solely focused on liquid alternative investment (alternative mutual funds). They were founded as Hedge Fund of Fund in 2001 and managed money for ultra-high net worth individuals, foundations and institutions. They started to move to products with greater liquidity due client demand in 2006 and in 2009 starting packaging our “intellectual capabilities” into investments products that we available to all investors not just the very elite. Today they have four mutual funds some of which our managed in house and a long short fund that is managed by a Sub-Advisor that we’d know since our Hedge Funds days – Analytic Investors.

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#22 Sara Potter, She Can Trade, Option Investing

Sara Potter She Can Trade Options Trader

This podcast is an interview with Sara Potter of SheCanTrade.com.  Sara is an options trader and offers information to aspiring options traders through her web site.  We discuss her strategies and the ways she works with members.

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#14 How to Socially Responsibly Invest

In this podcast I will answer the question: How do I participate in Socially Responsible Investing and invest in-line with my values?

Podcast #14 can be found below.  You can also see our video (Video #14) and blog (Blog 34) on the same topic.

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36 Stock Trading Investment Strategies

I spoke with a fellow financial planner at a recent professional meeting who used to be a day trader.  He told me that he would have stretches of good success and then down times that would wipe out all of his gains. He said that with the high speed trading that goes on today, there is little room for profit for small day traders. He now follows an asset allocation approach.

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#13 Socially Responsible Investing

In this podcast I will answer the question: What is Socially Responsible Investing and how can I participate?

Podcast #13 can be found below.  You can also see our video (Video #13) and blog (Blog 33) on the same topic.

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26 Best and Worst Stock Performance by Industry during the Past 3 Months

Oil, gas and China have made the headlines recently for poor performance.  Here is a list of how other US industries have done during the past 3 months, year to date (YTD), and annualized 5 year.  While real estate (and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)) are down over the last 3 month and year, they are ahead of the broader market.  It is no surprise that oil and gas have lost the most over all three periods – basic material, technology and industrials have also had a rough 3 months.

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25 Best and Worst Country’s Stocks During the Past 3 Months

Below is a list of how stocks in various countries are performing (total return) over the last 3 months, year to date (YTD), and annualized over 5 years.  China has made all the headlines this last few weeks with their dramatic stock market drop, but you can see that China has done fine over a longer period of time (annualized 5 year return). Notice that Ireland has actually been positive during the past 3 months.

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