Upcoming Free Webinars

Socially Responsible Investing – Invest in-line with your values

Friday, January 12th – 2 PM MST (AZ time)

Learn how to make a positive change in society without sacrificing returns. Get a free updated Socially Responsible Investing eBook just for attending.

Investing – How to make money in the markets

Thursday, January 25 – 3 PM MST (AZ time)

Learn how to improve portfolio returns using alternative investments. Liquid and illiquid alternatives provide an uncorrelated solid return to a portfolio. We do not sell products or get commissions – learn from an independent unbiased fiduciary.

Retirement Planning – When can you retire?

Wednesday, January 17 – 3 PM MST (AZ time)

Learn how to determine how much you need to retire and what life style you can expect given your projected financial situation. Get a free Retirement Planning Calculator just for attending.


When you work with AIO Financial, you work directly with Bill Holliday, CFP - a fiduciary working just for you.

Bill, a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience, is at every client meeting and responsible to insure your financial plan is properly carried out. We work with you on a comprehensive financial plan so that we are considering all aspects of your finances. 


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Learn about different types of investments and investing strategies.

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