This podcast and video is an interview with Hannah Freedberg of Corporate Accountability. Corporate Accountability is a non-profit that addresses issues of:

  • Clean Water
  • Climate Change
  • Tobacco
  • Food Systems
  • Democracy – challenging the corporate takeover of our democracy

By influencing the major corporations impacting each of these areas.  Their strategy is 2-fold:

  1. Move People to Make Change (such as a boycott)
  2. Use Regulatory Bodies to Influence Companies

85% of their funding is from individuals. Their operating budget is about $8.3M per year.

Hannah joined staff as a Major Gifts organizer in 2011. Today, she works with new and long-time supporters to build the power Corporate Accountability needs to run global campaigns challenging corporate abuse. She feels her greatest accomplishment at the organization so far is having helped hundreds of families and individuals to identify and create the change they wish to see in the world.

Hannah has always had a passion for food. She got her start in the world of local and sustainable agriculture. She spent fifteen years running educational programs on farms in New York and Massachusetts. And in her 20’s, she spent four summers living in a tent in the woods, running programs for teenagers on a working farm. Hannah holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Swarthmore College and a master’s degree in environmental studies from Antioch University.

Hannah can be reached at:


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