Index Investing Course

Learn to invest – and everything else about money

What we cover in the Investment Course

Why Invest?

1, Benefits of Savings
2, Time Value of Money
3, Retirement
– 3.1 Retirement Factors
– 3.2 4% Withdrawal Guideline
– 3.3 Savings vs Retirement Age
4. Benefits of an Investment Account

What to Invest In?

1. What is a Stock
2. What is a Bond
3. Expected Return
4. Index Investing
5. Exchange Traded Funds
6. Index Mutual Funds
7. Portfolio Construction
8. Target Date Funds
9. Three Fund Portfolio

Types of Accounts

1. Taxable
2. Tax Advantaged
3. Taxes

Where and How to invest?

1. Schwab
2. Vanguard
3. Fidelity

Financial Planning

1. Debt
2. Long Term Thinking
3. Start Now
4. Account Maintenance
5. Consideration if Looking for an Advisor

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

1. Screening
2. Shareholder Advocacy
3. Community Investing


1. Keys from the course
2. Summarizing it all so you can put it into action

1. Websites to help you
2. Additional services that AIO Financial will provide: forum, live virtual call

Investment Course

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What you will get out of the course

Step-by-step instructions about how and where to oven accounts and invest.


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