Index Investing Course and Community

Learn to invest – and everything else about money

What we cover in the Investment Course

Section 1: Why Invest?

1, Benefits of Savings
2, Time Value of Money
3, Retirement
– 3.1 Retirement Factors
– 3.2 4% Withdrawal Guideline
– 3.3 Savings vs Retirement Age
4. Benefits of an Investment Account

Section 2: What to Invest In?

1. What is a Stock
2. What is a Bond
3. Expected Return
4. Index Investing
5. Exchange Traded Funds
6. Index Mutual Funds
7. Portfolio Construction
8. Target Date Funds
9. Three Fund Portfolio

Section 3: Types of Accounts

1. Taxable
2. Tax Advantaged
3. Taxes

Section 4: Where and How to invest?

1. Schwab
2. Vanguard
3. Fidelity

Section 5: Financial Planning

1. Debt
2. Long Term Thinking
3. Start Now
4. Account Maintenance
5. Consideration if Looking for an Advisor

Section 6: Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

1. Screening
2. Shareholder Advocacy
3. Community Investing

Section 7: Summary

1. Keys from the course
2. Summarizing it all so you can put it into action

Section 8: Resources

1. Websites to help you
2. Additional services that AIO Financial will provide:
– 2.1 forum
– 2.2 live virtual call
– 2.3 individual fee-only financial planning

Index Investing Course

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Step-by-step instructions about how and where to oven accounts and invest.