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Growing the Green Economy for People and Planet

This blog / podcast / video are an interview with Todd Larsen, the Executive Co-Director of Green America. See our video here.

As Executive Co-Director, Todd is responsible for planning, direction, and oversight for Green America’s engagement with individual members and the general public, as well as with corporations that are targeted by consumer campaigns.  Prior to his current position Todd managed Green America’s corporate engagement and policy programs, including Climate Action, Fair Trade, Better Paper, Social Investing. Oversee all campaigns (including Clean Energy Victory Bonds, GMO Inside, Raise the Bar Hershey, Break Up With Your Megabank).

Green America works to move the economy more green with their goal of having a green economy.  They work in the areas of: climate, food, finance, labor, social justice, and green living.

Green America is a non-profit that was founded 35 years ago.  They currently have 40 staff. They have about 180,000 members and about 3,000 business members.  Business members are featured in their Green Business Directory, if they pass their screening as a green business. They provide information to investors and consumers and lead campaigns to influence corporations.

One project they worked on was to remove harmful chemicals that workers were exposed to from Apple.  They engaged with Apple and their competitors, which use the same chemicals, and worked on finding less harmful alternatives.

In the green finance, socially responsible investing, area, Green America mostly works on education. They show people how to divest from fossil fuel investments and show the overall performance does not suffer. They help people get involved with socially responsible investing and connect them with financial advisors.

Green America has a program to help people leave their mega-bank and invest in a local bank or credit union.

Green America engages with 8 to 10 companies per year about their core issues.

The best way to connect with Green America is to sign up for their newsletter at:

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