One Time Consultation

AIO Financial is a FEE ONLY financial planning firm

We offer ongoing asset management as part of comprehensive financial planning

One Time Meeting

  • We charge $1,000 for one meeting (up to 1.5 hours).
  • We will cover any issues you want us to during that meeting.
  • This could include: investment review, retirement planning, tax analysis, insurance review, estate plan review.
  • This includes meeting preparation.
  • We ask that you send us all needed information ahead of time.

What Is A Fee Only Planner?

A Fee Only planner is compensated solely by the client. They do not receive any compensation that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product. A Fee Only planner may not receive commissions, rebates, awards, finder’s fees, bonuses or any form of compensation from others as a result of a client’s implementation of the individual’s financial planning recommendations. Because AIO is only compensated by our clients, we can address a diverse array of financial issues that do not involve selling investment products.

Why is Fee Only Important?

A financial planner who is selling a product and can gain from he/she recommends has a conflict of interest and cannot be objective and unbiased. Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisers in the United States are sellers of financial products and receive a commission. Some or all of their income may be dependent upon their ability to steer their clients to a limited number of the financial products. Many of their clients are not aware of their advisers’ dependence on selling products or the total fees they are paying.

Additional Questions?

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How does AIO Financial make money?
AIO Financial is a fee-only (fiduciary) financial planning firm. Our fees depend on the amount of assets that you want us to manage for you. We are very transparent about our fee and provide clear quarterly invoices. Some financial advisors are commission-based, which may cause fees to be hidden or create conflicts of interest. AIO Financial does not receive any commissions or sell any products. We are only compensated by our clients.
Do you work on an hourly basis or on one-time projects?
Currently, we are not set up to handle hourly or one-time project options. We provide the most value to people through long-term relationships.
What is your minimum fee?

$500 is our minimum quarterly fee.  You can see our fees on our Fee Page.

Why work with AIO Financial?
We are fee-only fiduciaries. We are unbiased. We have over 60 combined years of experience to help you with any issue you’re working on. We are comprehensive advisors looking at all financial issues. We work to lower your tax bill, invest smarter, and create a retirement income stream. We invest in the latest financial software to make financial planning clear and accurate. We can help you invest in-line with your values. For example, if you don’t want to support the fossil fuel industry, we can help.


AIO Financial is bound by a fiduciary duty. We do not receive commissions or sell products so we can be unbiased and put your needs first.