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Our podcast and blog are focused on Impact Investing. We sometimes cover other financial planning areas but those will mostly be found at: More Impact investing information can be found at: Our youtube channel can be found here.

JPAL Poverty Action Lab – using Randomized Impact Evaluations

In this podcast / video / blog, I interview Claire Walsh from J-PAL. You can see our Video Here. Claire Walsh is a Senior Policy Manager at J-PAL Global at MIT. Claire leads J-PAL's Government Partnership Initiative, a global fund to support governments in...

MoneyGuidePro – Retirement Planning

This blog, video, and podcast are about financial planning software that can help determine how much you need to retire, how much you can spend in retirement, will you have enough for long term care or would insurance be better, etc. See our Video Here. We...

The Personal Finances of a Financial Planner

For this blog/podcast/video, I’m going to talk about my own personal finances, in hopes that it is helpful for some people.  I’ll go over how I invest, budget and what my retirement plans are.  You can see the Video Here I will be expanding about my...

Clean USA Power – Solar Real Estate Investing

Solar Real Estate Investing This blog / podcast / video are an interview with John Copyak, the owner and founder of Clean USA Power. See our video here. John saw the need to transition from fossil fuels to renewables and Has successfully negotiated more...

Green America – Corporate Engagement

Green America Growing the Green Economy for People and Planet This blog / podcast / video are an interview with Todd Larsen, the Executive Co-Director of Green America. See our video here. As Executive Co-Director, Todd is responsible for planning,...

Invest Like You Give a Damn

This podcast and video is an interview with Marc de Sousa Shields. Like myself, Marc is an advocate for getting more people involved in Sustainable Responsible Impact investing. He is a co-founder of the Social Investment Organization (SIO) in Canada, a...

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Expat Tax Issues

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion You are going to be required to file US expat taxes no matter which country you live in. It is important to understand how your US tax return will be affected if you move out of the US, and what US taxes you will be required...

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Shareholder Advocacy Report

In this post, I will provide some shareholder advocacy updates. Shareholder advocacy involves: direct dialog with companies, filing shareholder resolutions and voting proxies.

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Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Conference

See our video here about the SRI conference. Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Conference I attended the 28th annual Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Conference. There were about 800 participants. It was great to see how large the...

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7 Best Financial Apps

Helpful financial apps for personal finance Financial applications and programs can significantly help you in the financial planning process.  Most financial apps run on desktop or laptop as well as through mobile apps, making it easier to make sure your...

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9 Financial Tasks for the End of the Year

Year End Financial Planning Checklist The follow are some tips to maximize your financial situation. I know there isn't much time left, but here are a few things you may want to take care of before 2018. 1. Take your Required Minimum...

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Taxes Issues with Divorce

Finances in Divorce I, unfortunately, am very familiar with this topic. I went through a divorce about 15 years ago. It's a difficult, emotional period for anyone involved with a divorce. See our video here. There are many financial issues when...

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Money in Banks is not Safe

The Impact of Time and Inflation on Financial Plans Preparing for retirement requires careful planning. What you need to consider is the impact of inflation on the expected cash flows, i.e. the money that you expect to receive from a retirement...

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Investing to Address Climate Change

In this blog/podcast/video I will discuss how Climate Change can be addressed through Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).  This includes but isn’t limited to fossil fuel divesting and shareholder advocacy. See our video here. What is SRI? SRI...

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Investing in Bitcoin

I recently saw the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin. It is filled with interviews from experts and people involved in the Bitcoin beginnings and growth. It also discusses its future and technology.  This blog/podcast is about Bitcoin - the video can...

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How to Save on Taxes with your own Business

Interview with an Enrolled Agent In this podcast/video/blog I speak with Amy Wall, an enrolled agent, which means she is licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers and she has a degree in economics. She works on taxes for individuals and business owners at...

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Financial Advisor Jokes

I’m not saying my financial adviser is bad at his job…
…but when I went into her office and asked her to check my balance, he tried to push me over

What’s another name for long-term investment?
A failed short-term investment.

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