Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked.

What is the minimum amount you manage?

We currently only work with ongoing clients (we do not do hourly work). Our minimum fee is $750 per quarter. We recommend having a minimum of $300,000 for us to manage.

We offer a free upfront consultation to discuss your situation and our services:

How are you paid?
We are fee-only financial advisors.  We are compensated only by our clients.  You can see our fees here

We do not sell products or received commissions. We are completely unbiased, only working to help our clients’ best interests.

How many times do we meet per year?

You can contact us any time and set up a meeting any time.  We will schedule regular meetings throughout the year.

If we are managing less than $1M, we schedule 2 meetings per year. $1M to $2M, 3 times per year. Above $2M, four times per year. Regardless of the amount of assets we are managing, you can contact us any time.

Where do client meetings take place?

We offer both in person and virtual meetings. We are available for virtual meetings all year round. In person meetings depend on where you are located and our travel schedule.

What is Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI)?

SRI is an investment strategy seeking to maximize financial gain and positive impact.

SRI includes:

  • Screening (avoiding or including investments based on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) record.
  • Shareholder advocacy – as a shareholder (owner) you have the right to engage with companies on ESG issues.
  • Community investing – providing capital to individuals or organizations that otherwise would not have access.

We have an SRI questionnaire to help us customize your portfolio to your objectives. This can be done without sacrificing performance.

What investments strategy do you use?

We provide individualize portfolios. In general, we believe in having a broadly diversified portfolio and rebalancing the portfolio regularly.

The account distribution depends on the individual risk tolerance and investment objectives.

When can I retire? How much can I spend?

We evalute clients’ individual situation to help create a plan for when they could retire, how much they could spend during retirement, and plan for unexpected events. 

Do you offer in-person meetings or is it all virtual?

AIO Financial primarily works virtually. We travel at least annually to each of our offices.

Do you work on an hourly basis or on one-time projects?

Currently, we are not set up to handle hourly or one-time project options.

We provide the most value to people through long-term relationships.

Why work with AIO Financial?

We are fee-only fiduciaries. We are unbiased.

We have over 60 combined years of experience to help you with any issue you’re working on.

We are comprehensive advisors looking at all financial issues. We work to lower your tax bill, invest smarter, and create a retirement income stream.

We invest in the latest financial software to make financial planning clear and accurate.

We can help you invest in line with your values. For example, if you don’t want to support the fossil fuel industry, we can help.

Get a free Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing Guide

Learn about making an impact with your investments without sacrificing returns.

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