Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked.

When can I retire?

We evalute clients’ individual situation to help create a plan for when they could retire, how much they could spend during retirement, and plan for unexpected variables. 

How are you paid?

We are fee-only financial advisors.  We are compensated only by our clients.  You can see our fees here. 

What is the minimum amount you manage?

We can manage any amount of assets however, for our AUM option for ongoing clients, our quarterly minimum is $250. We can also work on on hourly basis.


What investments strategy do you use?

The strategy we recommend to our clients is based on their unique situation. No two investors are the same so we create a custom strategy for each client. In general, we believe in diversification and rebalancing when appropriate.

Where do client meetings take place?

We offer both in person meetings as well as virtual meetings for convenience. That means that if you travel frequently, live outside of the US or prefer to save time, we can still eet as often as needed. 

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