Wealth Management

Investment Management Services

AIO Financial manages investment assets for clients. As asset managers (investment advisors), this is our general process:

  • We work with you to develop a spending/retirement plan. Even is we are just managing assets, we want to know when you will need this money. We use a program called MoneyGuidePro to insure that the plan is will work out to a reasonable degree of certainty. For example, if you need a large amount of your investment assets within 5 years, we want very little volatility, we would minimize your market exposure. If you have 20 years until you need your investment assets, we can take more risk and ride out the ups and downs of the market.
  • We determine your risk tolerance. As wealth managers, we do not want you to panic and sell your holdings when markets are down. We can adjust the amount of risk in your portfolio to meet your needs.
  • We propose an investment policy which sates that how much you would like in various asset classes. What percentage of your portfolio will be in: large US stocks; mid-cap and small US stocks; foreign developed stock; emerging market stock; short, intermediate, long term bonds; structured products; laddered CDs; alternatives; and cash.
  • We rebalance accounts quarterly. Asset will move differently each quarter. We sell assets that did well and buy investments that didn’t do as well that quarter. Rebalancing forces you to sell when investments are up and buy when they are lower. This improves your overall returns and keeps you from getting overexposed in any asset class (which can make your portfolio more or less risky that you want).
  • Our wealth management process is with non-discretionary accounts. We will not make trades in your accounts without your permission. We make a proposal, if you agree we will go ahead and make the trades.
  • We hold client assets at Charles Schwab & Co Inc. We are institutional investors, so we have access to investments that a retail investor doesn’t – such as institutional class shares (lower expenses) and structured products.

Clients Throughout the US

AIO Financial has an office in Tucson, AZ but we work with clients virtually throughout the US. We often travel to the Phoenix and Green Valley areas. We also make annual trips to Rochester (NY), Chicago, North Carolina, Denver and San Diego.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

Many (but not all) of our clients are interested in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI). SRI is an investment strategy to have maximum return and social good through: screening, shareholder advocacy and community investing.


We are not simply stock brokers making trades for you. We work with you on all parts of your finances.

  • Wealth management – we review and manage investments.
  • We use MoneyGuidePro to evaluate income and spending to develop a long term retirement plan.
  • We use BNA Tax Planner to project your taxes for the upcoming year and consider taxes in our investment decisions.
  • We make sure your estate plan is up to date and the beneficiaries on your accounts are correct.
  • We review your insurances to be sure that you are adequately protected and have the appropriate policies (we don’t sell insurance).

Independent Comprehensive Fiduciary Financial Planners

We Do Not Receive Commissions Or Sell Products.

We Are Comprehensive Financial Planners Helping You Formulate A Unified Plan.

We Work Only For You, As A Fiduciary, To Represent Your Best Financial Interest With 100% Loyalty.

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