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To provide the best possible financial services, AIO Financial evaluates all part of your financial situation. Even if your primary objective is to have professional asset management, we want to take a comprehensive look at your finances.

  • We look at your taxes, because almost all of your financial decisions have tax implications and we want to consider them as we make decisions.
  • We want to look at your spending plan / retirement plan, because your investment time horizon (when you need money) will directly impact the types of investments that are most appropriate for you.
  • We review your insurance to make sure you are appropriately covered but not over covered. Understanding your insurance situation, including deductibles and kinds of insurances you have, along with your spending, allows us to determine the how much of a prudent reserve should be set aside.
  • We look at your estate plan to insure that beneficiaries, will designations, and the structure of your estate plan effectively meet your desires.

Tap on our service categories below for details about each.

Investment Review & Management


Analyze your current portfolio

to evaluate risks, diversification, expenses, appropriateness for your time horizon and risk tolerance


With you, construct an individualized diversified portfolio

taking into consideration your needed prudent reserve (emergency savings), when you need your investment money, your tax situation, and your comfort for volatility


Evaluate as many proposals as needed

we will make investment portfolio recommendations and work with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs


Regularly review and re-balance

we generally re-balance your portfolio to the agreed upon investment policy each quarter or at least every 6 months. If you have more stocks than your target, because stocks did well during that period, we want to sell stocks and buy fixed and alternative investments, to get back into balance. If stocks under perform the remainder of your portfolio, we want to buy more stocks, selling some of the fixed and alternative investments. This keeps us from getting over exposed in any one asset class and forces us to sell high and buy low.

Retirement Planning


Evaluate spending needs and retirement goals

if you do not have a handle on your monthly or annual spending, we have tools to help you understand where you are currently spending money and we discuss future spending needs.


Evaluate various scenarios of different income and expenses

we look at your current and expected income, your assets and your existing and future expenses. Given your assets and expected income (including when you want to stop or reduce working), we can estimate how much you can spend a year. If you give us how much you want to spend per year, we can estimate how long you may need to work to meet that goal.


Develop plans that meet income or expense objectives

Tax Planning & Projections


Tax projections

We look at your most recent tax return and based on your income, with holdings, and deductions, we use a program to evaluate the current year taxes. We discuss ways to minimize your state and federal taxes. Based on proposed tax law changes, we make recommendations to best take advantage of your tax situation.


Review past tax returns


Discuss tax laws and ways to minimize your tax liability

Insurance Analysis


Review current insurance coverage

We want to be sure you are appropriately covered but not over covered. We look at your coverage, deductibles, riders and the amount you are paying.


Discuss insurance needs/options

We review the insurances you have and can discuss different types of insurance that you may or may not need – such as long term care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, … We use our retirement planning evaluation to determine what type and amount of life insurance, if any, may be desired


If needed, help get quotes

We do not sell insurance and we do not receive any compensation from any insurance sales people but we can make recommendations on where you may want to get quotes to compare with what you currently have. We generally recommend that people get quotes every four to five years because the insurance market is constantly changing.

Estate Planning


Review existing estate plan

We review your estate planning documents to be sure the beneficiaries and personal representatives are up to date and meet your desires. We make sure you have complete documents so they are ready if needed. We discuss tax issues and how different assets will be transferred to be sure everyting is as you desire.


If needed, help getting estate plan documents

We are not lawyers and do not prepare documents but we have worked with several lawyers, we know their fees, and can facilitate getting your estate plan documents generated or updated.


Evaluate and advise on account beneficiaries

We work with you to make sure assets are passed as efficiently as possible to meet your desires.

Any Other Financial Area

Depending on your needs, our financial advisors assist with:

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

If desired, we evaluate your Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing goals and have many options to meet those goals. We use SRI mutual funds, SRI exchange traded funds, separately managed accounts, and/or individual stocks to construct an individualized deversified SRI portfolio..


Mexico-US financial planning

For those living, renting, and/or working on both sides of the border, we can advise you on tax, visa, and investment issues unique to this situation. We have a blog about US citizens working in Mexico at


Real Estate Investing


Education planning


Charitable giving




Debt Reduction


And more


When you work with AIO Financial, you work directly with Bill Holliday, CFP - a fiduciary working just for you.

Bill, a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience, is at every client meeting and responsible to insure your financial plan is properly carried out. We work with you on a comprehensive financial plan so that we are considering all aspects of your finances. 


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