In this episode, we we introduce AIO Financial’s Wealth Managers: Bill Holliday, CFP and Jason Pfau, Investment Advisor.

Here is the transcript for this episode:

So in this video we wanted to just kind of introduce ourselves a little bit more personally
some of the stuff you may not know just from meeting with us or
Making your appointment online
okay, so
just just to kind of
introduce ourselves a little bit more and
So you can kind of get to know what we’re interested in how we found our way into
Financial planning and things like that
You I start what? Yeah. Sure. Tell us about some of your hobbies
Activities interests. Yeah. Yeah. I have definitely more interest in hobbies and I really have time for but
Coffee is one of them. I love coffee so I actually
Roast my own coffee buy green coffee
Online roasted myself and I love buying
specialty coffee committed red fruits and stuff like that and make espresso at home and I do
To everything so I’m a fanatic about that that I have my top
I guess some other things so guitar Kyla playing guitar
Been doing that since I was about 12, so kind of a lifelong love
Love doing stuff outdoors. So, you know hiking or can’t see anything pretty likely gets me outside. I like that stuff with me
Photography is one of them so like taking pictures of different stuff and
See so it’s hard to think of them all but that’s kind of it. Yeah a little overview. How about yourself? Have fun?
Sure, I’d say I have two daughters
Eight year old and twelve year old and a lot of my time outside of work. I’m just trying to
Keep up with them
I try to find activities that we that I like as well as they like so I drag them biking
I like to bike swimming. I love swimming and they like swimming
Wonderful’s into dance and I can I’m horrible at dancing of no coordination
But I can watch and the other one that got into rock climbing
So thanks if they both climb but ones on a team, so we do climb quite a bit
Hiking I like hiking a lot but I I can’t motivate them to hike too much so will cam car cam foot
Not a ton of miles right five miles is the most we hike
Hey, I tried to be physical outside of work because I am so sedentary at work. What about
Where you where you hover your family, yeah, so I have a daughter she’s 10 so like yourself
Yeah, that’s that’s probably the majority of my time away from work is time of family my daughter
So she’s almost 10 and then I married my wife to nurse so
She’s got a full schedule of that too. So yeah, you know, there’s kind of family time is something
Stuff like that. So and you know, of course not all the same things, you know, I could do outdoors
for those regulations
Yeah, it’s kind of I guess my background
So originally I’m from Oregon and I was born in Portland OR raised in Salem mostly lived in Bend
Oregon for
And then
Love music played guitar all throughout middle school in high school and decided to go to college
So I went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston
And then I got a degree there and guitar performance
So after that
move back home, but war again and
Did that for a little bit there?
During that time
So during my senior year of college my dad misdiagnosed the train so that kind of threw a wrench into what my plans were
over the next five years
Get progressively worse in here
It’s all out of that time. Just kind of spend, you know with family with him that sort of thing. So
During that time before the very end of it I do to Los Angeles actually
And spent some time there and ended up moving to New Mexico to be closer to family
Just because that’s where my parents ago
And so it spent a little time in Farmington, New Mexico before moving to Boulder
Colorado and lived there for about three years and really loves, Colorado
Went through divorce. You got full custody of my daughter. So need to be close to family
So move to Tucson Arizona, which is where my mom would move to at that time. So yeah, just kind of a long
You know
story and
Not not a straight line for sure
And yeah, you know I’ve been here for I guess about five years now who loved it here. Love a
Little bit challenging at first it was so different from everything
But I met my current wife about
Go he got married about two years ago, so
yeah, and so
That’s that’s kind of my my personal history there a little bit of that. It’s good. I cannot follow up. I
guess I
Went to school as an engineer both grew up in upstate New York went to school for engineering in
Pennsylvania and in Indiana
Work at a big company worked at a small consulting company
Had my own consulting company
And get real tired of the engineering is the repetition of it
I also bounced around a bit from school in in, Indiana to Oregon to
and then I got a divorce as well and
went to the Peace Corps in Nicaragua for a couple of years moved to Tucson came back to Tucson where my mother was and
Ended up going to Mexico to help set up a microcredit and then I joined my mother
doing financial planning about
16 years ago. I got my CFP instead of working on that I remarry
Pretty shortly after moving to Tucson or well from Mexico
And my wife’s from Mexico and has a large extended family my families
Get kind of large but it is so spread out. I don’t see people that mine
Yeah, but I’ve enjoyed being here I could see
It’s a nice area. Yeah trade-offs. But yeah – do
You know – Salman’s never really on the map for me is a place that I was aspiring to
Commute to but since I’ve been here, you know, it’s hard to imagine losing somewhere else
You know it it checks a lot of the boxes for me for place right away
Then I guess yeah, I’ll go into some of my professional background sits in
Covered some of that for yourself. So I started I guess my career my financial career in about 2012
So up to that point I’ve done a lot of different things the music I’ve worked
My crops buy some chops and stuff like that. I’ve done merchandising. So kind of a variety of different stuff, but
So started with Wells Fargo
There’s a retail banker in
2012 I did that for about three years actually moved to Arizona
started in Colorado
And that was kind of the the basis for my professional
I am so got a, you know kind of a good overview because thank you
Recovers a little bit of everything
then after that I went to Scott so I had gotten some licensing to do securities at
Wells Fargo and
Stop saying so there I was an investment consultants
So did a lot of you know, helping clients manage their own self-directed account. So learned a lot about the broken things
And then I decided to start my own coffee business so
It honestly it was probably more like that for a fight lemonade stand, but you know, it was a great experience
Just learning to manage the business entirely by myself started from the ground up
But I kind of realized it wasn’t what I wanted to be long
and so went back to most Fargo temporarily just kind of
And then during that time of looking for
and luckily I met up with Phil and
Started that really yesö
Hangouts on it touch on um, no, I don’t think so
I’m gonna again hopefully that gives everybody a little bit better of an idea
You know what our background is wonder who we are as people put in some more blurbs some more shorter videos on the YouTube channel
Thanks for listening