Below is a list of how stocks in various countries are performing (total return) over the last 3 months, year to date (YTD), and annualized over 5 years.  China has made all the headlines this last few weeks with their dramatic stock market drop, but you can see that China has done fine over a longer period of time (annualized 5 year return). Notice that Ireland has actually been positive during the past 3 months.


Returns as of the close 8/27/2015.  All returns are in US dollars.

NameTotal Ret 3 MoTotal Ret YTDTotal Ret Annualized 5 Yr
MSCI China-43.45-12.213.13
MSCI Indonesia-27.71-30.86-5.59
MSCI Brazil-25.52-33.48-17.74
MSCI Malaysia-24.63-27.41-4.78
MSCI Taiwan-24.15-17.811.01
MSCI Argentina-22.47-9.84-2.36
MSCI Korea-21.42-15.770.03
MSCI Hong Kong-21.19-8.14.04
MSCI Chile-20.45-18.64-12.27
MSCI Turkey-20.33-32.13-9.03
MSCI Singapore-19.43-18.141.48
MSCI Thailand-17.88-203.06
MSCI Australia-16.86-14.833.32
MSCI Canada-16.65-20.04-1.85
MSCI Philippines-14.94-9.1811.14
MSCI Mexico-14.55-15.791.01
MSCI United Kingdom-12.54-7.226.56
MSCI Portugal-11.25-2.32-12.45
MSCI Austria-9.590.35-4.22
MSCI India-9.37-8.96-1.25
MSCI Germany-9.35-3.698.58
MSCI Japan-8.85.386.89
MSCI United States-7.57-4.2915.77
MSCI Switzerland-7.262.0610.84
MSCI France-6.951.086.28
MSCI Spain-6.25-7.141.49
MSCI Italy-3.117.391.97
MSCI Ireland1.8910.3415.47

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