Oil, gas and China have made the headlines recently for poor performance.  Here is a list of how other US industries have done during the past 3 months, year to date (YTD), and annualized 5 year.  While real estate (and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)) are down over the last 3 month and year, they are ahead of the broader market.  It is no surprise that oil and gas have lost the most over all three periods – basic material, technology and industrials have also had a rough 3 months.

Returns as of the close 8/27/2015.  All returns are in US dollars.

NameTotal Ret 3 MoTotal Ret YTDTotal Ret Annlzd 5 Yr
DJ US Select REIT-4.38-5.4213.03
DJ US Utilities-5.42-9.9211.32
DJ US Real Estate-5.54-6.1511.77
DJ US Broad Stock Market-7.58-4.3515.67
DJ US Consumer Svcs-7.58-2.1321.05
DJ Transportation Average-7.68-15.2515.13
DJ US Consumer Goods-7.82-4.7914.67
DJ US Stock CMAC-7.96-3.9815.86
DJ US Health Care-8.710.9721.97
DJ US Financial-9.32-7.6513.16
DJ US Telecom-9.81-4.110.04
DJ US Biotechnology-10.020.8131.8
DJ US Industrials-13.51-10.1614.96
DJ US Technology-14.54-9.4213.78
DJ US Basic Materials-22.18-19.165.35
DJ US Oil&Gas-26-24.734.54