Exploring Responsible Investing with Calvert Investments

A Dive into Sustainable Investing and Index Funds

Episode 25 of Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner Podcast

Introduction Welcome to the Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner podcast, episode number 25, brought to you by AIO Financial, a fee-only financial planning firm at aiofinancial.com. In this episode, your host, Bill Holiday, shares insights into responsible investing with guests from Calvert Investments. Join us as we discuss their socially responsible index funds, the ESG screening process, and the future of sustainable investing.

Training for Triathlons and Intro Host: Bill Holiday

  • Bill talks about his training for Sprint triathlons.
  • Introduces the episode and guests from Calvert Investments.

Meet the Guests Title: Meet Erica Lasdin and Laurie Webster Subtitle: Experts in Sustainable Investing at Calvert Investments

  • Bill introduces Erica Lasdin and Laurie Webster, experts from Calvert Investments.
  • Erica Lasdin explains her role as a senior Sustainability analyst.
  • Laurie Webster talks about her role as the Vice President of Investment Operations at Calvert.

Introduction to Calvert Investments Title: Calvert Investments: Pioneers in Sustainable Investing Subtitle: A Legacy of Responsible Investment

  • Bill asks Erica to provide an overview of Calvert Investments.
  • Erica highlights Calvert’s history and expertise in responsible investing.
  • Laurie emphasizes the depth and global reach of Calvert’s investment spectrum.

Sustainable Research Department at Calvert Title: Inside Calvert’s Sustainable Research Department Subtitle: Assessing Investments for a Sustainable Future

  • Bill inquires about the size and function of Calvert’s Sustainable Research Department.
  • Erica and Laurie discuss the collaborative approach within the department and their responsibilities.
  • Laurie explains how their team leads shareholder advocacy on behalf of all Calvert funds.

Evaluating Socially Responsible Funds Title: Gauging the Impact of Socially Responsible Investing Subtitle: Metrics for Assessing the Effectiveness of SRIs

  • Bill asks about metrics to compare different Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds.
  • Erica and Laurie provide insights into assessing SRI funds, including proxy voting, ESG guidelines, and active engagement with companies.

Calvert’s Index Funds Title: Calvert’s Sustainable Index Funds Subtitle: Low-Cost, High-Impact Investing Options

  • Bill discusses Calvert’s recent launch of sustainable index funds.
  • Erica and Laurie explain the core index and the growth and value indexes within their index fund offerings.
  • Laurie elaborates on the differences between index and actively managed funds.

ESG Screening Process Title: Behind the Scenes: Calvert’s ESG Screening Process Subtitle: Analyzing Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors

  • Bill explores Calvert’s ESG screening process.
  • Erica details Calvert’s systematic approach to evaluating ESG factors, emphasizing materiality and industry-specific considerations.
  • Laurie discusses the data sources and models used in the screening process.

Key Sustainability Issues Title: Addressing Key Sustainability Issues Subtitle: From Climate Change to Social Responsibility

  • Bill inquires about the sustainability issues Calvert focuses on, with a special emphasis on climate change and fossil fuels.
  • Erica and Laurie explain Calvert’s approach to assessing climate risk and highlight other critical social and governance issues across various industries.

ESG Impact on Returns Title: ESG Investing and Performance Subtitle: Balancing Responsible Investing with Returns

  • Bill raises the question of whether ESG screening affects investment returns.
  • Erica and Laurie share research findings indicating that ESG considerations need not compromise performance.

Overview of Calvert’s Business Title: Inside Calvert Investments Subtitle: A Comprehensive Look at Asset Management

  • Bill asks for an overview of Calvert’s business breakdown between mutual funds, fixed income, equities, and separate accounts.
  • Erica and Laurie provide insights into Calvert’s asset allocation and management of separate accounts.

Expansion of Index Programs Title: The Future of Calvert’s Index Programs Subtitle: Balancing Active Management and Index Investing

  • Bill discusses the growth and future plans for Calvert’s index funds.
  • Erica and Laurie emphasize the importance of passive investing and expanding the range of index offerings.

Conclusion and Closing Remarks Title: Wrapping Up the Episode Subtitle: Exploring Sustainable Investing with Calvert Investments

  • Bill concludes the episode and thanks Erica and Laurie for their insights.
  • He provides contact information for AIO Financial and encourages listeners to leave feedback and reviews.

Disclaimer Title: Disclaimer Subtitle: For Informational Use Only

  • Bill provides a disclaimer stating that the podcast is for informational purposes and does not constitute investment recommendations.
  • He encourages listeners to consult a financial planner and read prospectuses before making investment decisions.

Outro Title: Outro Subtitle: Thank You for Listening

  • Bill thanks, listeners, for tuning in and invites them to stay tuned for the next episode featuring an interview with RSF Loan Funds.

Contact Information and Review Request Title: Connect with Us and Leave a Review Subtitle: Your Feedback Matters

  • Bill shares contact information for reaching out to him on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.
  • He encourages listeners to leave reviews and ratings on iTunes.

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