In this podcast we interview Joe Holliday, a professor of earth science at El Camino College in Los Angeles, California where he regularly speaks about climate change a topic he is pasionate about.

We discuss the evidence that shows: climate change is occurring, people are contributing to it, the impacts of climate change and what we can do about it.

I thought this was an appropriate topic for this podcast because, climate change will impact the economy and investments and many impact investments work to address climate change.

What evidence do you point to showing that climate change is happening?

  • Over last 150 years – warming of about 2 degrees – 1 degree F per 100 years
  • Previously 1 degree per 1000

How much of it is caused by humans? (what evidence)

  • 10 times faster than any other time in history
  • Strong correlation between CO2 and temperature – since 1880
  • Can be measured from air bubbles in ice caps
  • Ocean plankton absorbs about half of the CO2 that is produced – very important
  • Only time it’s gone down was right after WWII – because of a global slow down

What are the impacts of climate change?

  • Sea level rise – best case is a minimum 3 feet in next century – more likely 6 foot rise
  • The biggest impact from sea level rise is during stoms (flooding)
  • Warmer oceans temperatures cause more severe and more frequent storms (hurricanes, tsunamis, el niño)
  • Dryer area will have more drought

What can we do?  Especially with the current administration

  • Primary cuase from power plants, industry and vehicles
  • Vegitarian diet
  • Population control
  • Carbon tax

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