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What is the situation in Mexico City with the Corona Virus? Has the lockdown been strict?

Many have died, and there’s been a lot of economic devastation – it depends on each state, some are stricter than others.

How have you found the healthcare system in Mexico?  Any concerns?

It’s a lot better than the US – still has its problems, of course. Some people have had bad experiences – but most expats have had a phenomenal experience.

Do you have insurance or just pay for what you need?

Insurance is on my to-do list, but later on. I do qualify for state-healthcare. It is government provided and regulated – I can use a public hospital if I need it.

How long have you been in CDMX?  You were living there before for how long?

Almost a year and a half – I also lived here before in 2005-2006.

Does that require any visas?

I have a Mexican green card – it is my temporary residency.

How did you pick CDMX?

It has beautiful climate – and the airport has many direct flights to different cities. There’s also a lot of great communities – people are very kind. The food is the best.

What would you say are the advantages to living in Mexico?

The healthcare system is great. The infrastructure is great – there is great proximity within cities.

What do you do in CDMX to connect with people? Where are you finding friends? Work/volunteer/other expats/clubs/classes?

I have friends that I’ve kept in touch with from the first time I lived in CDMX – I also like to join groups that are promoted by bookstores or cultural centers.

Do you have a car?

No. I use the subway (metro) – you don’t need to have a car here. It’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in Mexico.

How do you feel about the safety in CDMX and traveling in Mexico?

I’ve been lucky nothing’s ever happened to me – most cities are very safe, like Yucatán. CDMX is not the best, not the worst – there is a lot of armed robbery, but murder rates are relatively low.

What is your cost of living there vs in the US? (Rent, food, entertainment)

For transportation, I use about $20 a year for bike services and less than 25 cents for a metro ride. Rent is around $500 a month. A few thousand a month is enough to live comfortably.

How do you get money from the US to Mexico?  Do you have a bank account in Mexico and transfer?

I opened a bank account at HSBC in Hermosillo – then later I opened another checking account with BBVA. I didn’t have the best experiences with these banks so I just use my Tucson Federal Credit Union account and my US-based credit card – it comes with a small exchange fee, but it’s worth it to me.

Any surprises/learnings/things you wish you knew?

I would say get an immigration attorney. Before you rent/buy a home, visit it several times before throughout different times of the day to get a better feel for it.