Exploring Corporate Accountability with Hannah Friedberg

Introduction to Corporate Accountability

In this episode, we delve into the work of Corporate Accountability, a nonprofit organization addressing critical issues such as clean water, climate change, and food systems. Discover how they mobilize people for change and engage with regulatory bodies.

Corporate Accountability’s 40-Year Journey

Learn about Corporate Accountability’s remarkable journey since its inception in the late 70s, including their involvement in the Nestle boycott and their mission to educate the public on corporate injustices.

Strategies for Corporate Accountability

Explore the two primary strategies employed by Corporate Accountability – mobilizing people to demand change and empowering regulatory bodies. Find out how they’ve effectively used these strategies to challenge corporate influence.

Regulatory Bodies and Global Impact

Get insights into Corporate Accountability’s involvement in international regulatory bodies, like the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and how they advocate for human and environmental rights over corporate interests.

Membership and Engagement

Discover how you can get involved with Corporate Accountability as a member and learn how they engage with individuals, grassroots organizations, and even corporations to drive change.

Get in Touch with Corporate Accountability

Connect with Corporate Accountability through their website, social media channels, or direct contact information. Learn how you can be a part of their ongoing mission to hold corporations accountable and effect positive change.

Closing Thoughts

Reflect on the importance of addressing corporate influence in today’s world and how organizations like Corporate Accountability play a vital role in advocating for justice and sustainability.