This podcast and video is an interview with Marc de Sousa Shields. Like myself, Marc is an advocate for getting more people involved in Sustainable Responsible Impact investing. He is a co-founder of the Social Investment Organization (SIO) in Canada, a former adviser to the UN and the World Bank, and contributor to corporate sustainability magazines including Triple Pundit and Sustainable Brands.

Marc (as I do) believes that sustainable investing is important to moving us to a better future. He works to move investment advisors and investors towards investing in line with their values. His podcast and blog cover trends in sustainable investing, how to make your portfolio more sustainable, fossil fuel avoidance, supply chain, social value criteria.

In the podcast and video interview covers: Marc’s background, including why he is living in central Mexico, what motivates him and how is he trying to make an impact.

Marc can be reached by email at, on Twitter at @csrcounts and his blog and book can be found at his web site: