In this episode, we interview Jon Bishop of Envest Microcredit.

Exploring the World of Impact Investing with John Bishop from Invest Microfinance


  • In this episode of the Values Investors podcast, we dive into the world of microfinance and impact investing.
  • Join Bill Holiday as he sits down with John Bishop from Invest Microfinance, an organization that’s making a positive difference in the world.
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Summer Vacation Plans:

  • John shares a bit about his summer vacation plans, which involve a tour of southern Mexico by bus with his two little kids.
  • It’s shaping up to be quite an adventure.

Introducing John Bishop:

  • John Bishop is an experienced professional in the field of microfinance, with a long record at Invest Microfinance.
  • Invest is a microfinance cooperative that connects socially and environmentally conscious individuals and institutions with opportunities to support microfinance.

Expanding Impact:

  • John discusses the growth and expansion of Invest Microfinance over the years.
  • They have added partner institutions in several countries, with more on the horizon.

Diversification and Global Ambitions:

  • John explains their reasons for diversifying into different countries and regions, such as Central Asia.
  • The poverty in these areas is a driving force behind their expansion.

Supporting Microfinance Institutions:

  • The main focus for Invest Microfinance is on providing access to microfinance for smaller, geographically and economically isolated communities.
  • This often means partnering with microfinance institutions with smaller average loan sizes than the country’s average.

Challenges and Future Growth:

  • John outlines some of the challenges they face due to their size and the need for growth.
  • They are working on expanding their offerings to include debt options for qualified institutional buyers, such as mutual funds.

Accredited Investors and Future Goals:

  • Currently, Invest Microfinance is open to accredited investors only.
  • They are looking to grow and reach a scale where they can offer registered investments to non-accredited investors.

Measuring Impact:

  • The organization primarily focuses on providing access to microfinance, but measuring the impact can be challenging.
  • They are more interested in the number of jobs created and the impact on the people they serve.

Finding Partners:

  • John shares how they identify microfinance institutions for partnership.
  • While they initially relied on platforms like Mix Market, they now also work with umbrella organizations in various countries.

The Importance of Scale:

  • John emphasizes the need to grow and reach a certain size to make their offerings more accessible and cost-effective.
  • Registered offerings for non-accredited investors in the socially responsible investing space are their ultimate goal.

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  • This podcast provides insights into the world of microfinance and the positive impact that organizations like Invest Microfinance can have.
  • It’s a reminder that impact investing can be a powerful tool for making the world a better place while achieving financial goals.

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