Exploring Options Trading with Expert Kirk Duplesis: Episode 17 of the ‘Ask a Fee-Only Financial Planner’ Podcast

Welcome to the 17th episode of the ‘Ask a Fee-Only Financial Planner’ Podcast, hosted by Bill Holiday from AIO Financial. In this episode, we dive into the intriguing world of options trading with none other than Kirk Duplesis, the founder of Optionalpha.com. Let’s take a quick tour of what this episode covers:

Kirk Duplesis: From Wall Street to Options Educator

  • Journey Through Finance: Kirk shares his transition from a high-stress Wall Street job to a self-taught options trader.
  • Family First: A pivotal life decision led by his fiance’s appeal for a balanced life.
  • Insights from an Analyst: The reality of research and analysis in finance from Kirk’s time in the REIT sector.
  • Building Option Alpha: The evolution of Kirk’s blog to a comprehensive resource for options traders.

The Team Behind Optionalpha.com

  • A Small but Mighty Team: How Kirk manages a vast array of content with a dedicated assistant and a few contractors.
  • Content Creation: The drive and passion that make the rigorous task of producing educational materials a ‘labor of love.’

Demystifying Options Trading

  • Options Explained: A simple breakdown of what options are and how they can be less risky than stock trading.
  • Strategic Advantages: The role of time decay and volatility in crafting investment strategies with options.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

  • Preview of Episode 18: A teaser about the next guest, Sean Renninger, and his expertise in commercial real estate investment.
  • A Special Thanks to Listeners: An invitation for feedback and the personal touch of Bill offering his direct contact for discussions.

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Thank you for listening to the ‘Ask a Fee-Only Financial Planner’ podcast. Until next time, take care and happy investing!

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