We recognize that we attract a very special client – so we are committing to travel to visit our clients.  We are fee only financial planners (fiduciaries) who specialize in Socially Responsible Investing.  We have  attracted clients from all over the US.

We meet with clients virtually using a gotomeeting type program called Zoom.  We use dropbox to exchange files.  We use emails and phone calls; however, we will try to visit each of our clients annually.  We are glad to travel to where our clients live.

We are located in the small city of Tucson and need to be flexible to expand our business.  Personal finances can be very intimate and private – to make our relationship better as your advisor, we want to meet face to face to address all financial issues.

We have met with clients at their homes, offices, at restaurants, hotel lobbies or cafes.  We are flexible to be able to make a connection.

So do not let distance be an obstical is you want a fiduciary to help you with Socially Responsible Investing.  We do not sell any products or receive any commissions.