In this episode, we discuss why Tucson, Arizona is such a great place to retire to and the top 4 reasons to retire there. 

Here is the transcript for this episode:

All right, we’re at the line cantata shopping center in Tucson, Arizona and we’re going to talk about four major reasons
Why people retire in Tucson?
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Awesome. All right. So in this episode like you mentioned we’re going to talk about why Tucson such a great place to retire
So we’re gonna cover for the general topics, but there’s there’s plenty of reasons
so just to kind of dig into that one of the the first ones is
Just the weather. I’m landing as you can see behind us perfect, beautiful sunny weather, you know
That’s that’s got to be one of the main reasons why people choose it for retirees
You don’t have to worry about Icefall. You don’t have to worry about shoveling your your drive
you know, it’s got it straight up to time the summer but
You don’t have the danger of slipping or dealing with?
Snowy weather right? Yeah, and we’re out here, you know
It’s it’s almost July and it’s not too terribly. So it’s it’s not as bad as some people think this summer. Yeah
I mean you have to work around it do your activities in the morning if you’re gonna be outside or in the evening?
Midday, yeah, it’s hot if you’re right in the Sun then work around that so statistically
on average we have
286 sunny days a year. So yeah, that’s
Three months with high temperatures the summer that are above 94 average
So yeah, there’s three months that are hot and we do see a lot of retirees
When they can go back and forth between Tucson and some other place
but then the trade-off is for the winter months you have a
67 degree average high during the winter months, so
Compared to state Minnesota or something like that. You’re gonna have much more, you know, nice moderate letters
So yeah, big big trade off there and then lower humidities. You know, we’re a try he averaged around 38%
So which really makes the heat not feel as bad
with that
Sure. So, yeah, definitely weathers, you know one of the topics big reason. All right, number two
Second reason cost of living. It’s pretty reasonable
Especially compared to our West Coast neighbors, right? Yep. So, you know housing prices of course are a big part of that
We looked at the median price
The Tucson metro area it was around
$211 so compared to the rest of the country definitely reasonable
especially compared to
West Coast, so yeah, we’re we’re probably lower than average in the country, but way lower than than our
California neighbors. Yeah, we were looking at
averages of California and a lot of those were
So yeah, but another one is enemy. I think housing prices drives it because the living is going to be lower
Assisted living facilities. We were looking at less than
4,000 a month
for assisted living so people that do retire here have
Transit can transition into a facility if they need and that it’s reasonable
So definitely, you know when you’re retired you’re working within a budget
You’re generally not earning a lot of income and so, you know stretching that dollars really important
So Tucson is a great place to work. Yeah
taxes, you know kind of goes in line really with the cost of living so
Definitely one of the lower ones so compared to say, California that averages
13.3% for state taxes
so, Arizona
We’re about three to four percent for our state taxes, that’s an income property taxes being about
Well thirteenth Louis 0.7%
For property taxes, so, you know not be Louis, but it’s very reasonable taxes are pretty low
In there’s trade-offs with that. There’s probably less
Social benefits or schools might not be as good but as a retiree
You’re you’re not gonna get taxed as much
So can help you stretch that dollar a little bit further in retirement
In the fourth reason so we got weather cause the living taxes and
Activities there’s a ton to do here
Definitely so, you know, there’s so many nice things to do in the summertime in the wintertime. It doesn’t really matter year-round
There’s great hiking lots of stuff to do outside
So a lot of mountains surrounding Tucson a lot of there’s a river path that goes really through
Tucson the entirety of Tucson we can and it’s a rare dry river path, right? Yeah bread bikes. You can jog
Basically so
Yeah, lots of that in my lemon just a half an hour you can get up to
What if there’s like 9,000 feet I mean it cools off quite a bit
You actually see different ecosystems as you go up so you can escape the heat it’s pretty fast
Absolutely. It’s like being able to drive to Colorado in half an hour. You’re right. Yeah, you’re jumping up to cooler temperatures
Hiking the other big activity here as well golf guess that’s your youth. Oh, yeah. There’s a lot at all. I don’t know
How do you do in the summer?
I guess you go where you go early or you know?
Maybe later in the day. Then one really nice thing golf courses in the summertime or a lot less
Expander time. So if you’re looking for a bargain that’s ready. There’s 36 golf courses in the Tucson area
So you have a lot of choices if you’re looking to do that
Yeah Vikings a big one. I know they just finished the loop around Tucson and that’s I think of it just did the loop
It’s about 52 miles
Around and then there’s a lot of branches off of it. I think they said
130 some miles of paved no traffic bike paths and there’s a lot of events like toward a juice
a lot of professionals in the country
Yeah, there are other other not only bike events but just festivals in general seems like we have regularly
especially in the spring and fall
Candy different event
And then for stuff to do indoors, well, there’s all sorts of museums or several museums
UAG of a needle classes there
Good temp shows the big world plan if it’s a summer fossil sand in Junko
Last but certainly not least proximity damage
Quickest place to get to for hours you can get to Rocky Point
A lot of activities. So yeah
Well, yeah, we said you were they
I think it’s a pretty good economy
there’s a lot of
Pretty stable a lot of activities, but it is growing retiree population
Green Valley and a lot of other communities right around this area
are pretty happy and
a lot of yeah
All right, well thanks for listening to the aao
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