Unlocking Alternative Investments: The Values Investor Podcast Episode 33

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Values Investor Podcast with Bill Holiday, brought to you by AIO Financial. In this episode, we delve into the insights from the recent NAFA.com conference and explore the future of sustainable investing with a green building expert.

Highlights from the NAFA Conference:

  • Market Outlook: Experts predict small stock growth and minimal bond returns in the coming years.
  • Investment Strategies: A focus on alternative, illiquid investments for diversification.
  • Alternative Assets Discussed:
    • Private placements
    • Long/short strategies
    • Hedging
    • Commercial real estate

Exclusive Interview with Jim Simcoe:

Jim Simcoe, a national sustainability leader, discusses his latest project, the 314 Beach Lofts, and his approach to sustainable building.

314 Beach Lofts – A Model for Green Building:

  • Location: Prime spot in Oceanside, California.
  • Design: Aiming to set a precedent for future eco-friendly projects.
  • Website: Discover more at 314beachlofts.com.

Jim Simcoe’s Portfolio:

  • Over 200 projects emphasizing major green remodels and constructions.
  • A focus on multifamily, campus-style projects.

Defining Sustainability with Simcoe:

  • Energy and Water Saving: Core elements for defining a project’s green status.
  • Healthy Living Environments: Using non-toxic materials like zero VOC paints.

Insightful Discussions on Sustainable Materials:

  • Flooring Choices: Comparing the health impacts of various flooring materials.
  • Cork Flooring: An eco-friendly, durable option highlighted by Simcoe.

The Takeaway:

  • Understanding VOCs: The importance of choosing the right materials for health and environmental impact.
  • Industry Transformation: A decade-long shift toward healthy and sustainable material choices.


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