TriLinc Global Impact Fund: Investing in Positive Change

Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity that not only offers financial returns but also contributes to positive societal and environmental changes? TriLinc Global Impact Fund might be the answer you’ve been searching for. In this blog, we’ll explore how TriLinc Global is transforming the world of finance by emphasizing the role capital markets can play in addressing critical global challenges.


  1. TriLinc’s Mission: TriLinc Global Impact Fund is on a mission to showcase how the capital markets can help solve pressing economic, social, and environmental issues. By creating institutional-quality impact funds that attract private capital, TriLinc sets a high standard for transparency, accountability, and impact reporting to investors.

  2. Global Lender: TriLinc operates globally, working in regions like South America, Sub-Sahara Africa, and Emerging Asia. They provide loans ranging from one to five million dollars to growing mid-sized companies, with a focus on projects that can enhance society while offering competitive returns.

  3. Collateral and Currency Protection: All TriLinc loans are denominated in US dollars and backed by collateral, minimizing risks associated with currency fluctuations. This approach safeguards investors’ interests while supporting businesses in need of capital.

  4. Solid Returns: TriLinc currently offers a return of 7.3% to investors. Similar to GreenBacker, TriLinc caters to accredited investors and has a minimum investment requirement of $2,000.

  5. Podcast Introduction: The blog also introduces the podcast episode titled “Ask a Fee Only Financial Planner” featuring an interview with Kevin Chavez, a key representative of TriLinc Global. The episode discusses TriLinc’s investment opportunities, its unique approach, and how investors can contribute to positive change.

  6. Impact Investing: The blog delves into the concept of impact investing, emphasizing its proactive nature in creating a positive and measurable impact through social, environmental, and economic means.

  7. Growth of Impact Investing: The blog discusses the growth of impact investing, with large institutions like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs entering the space. TriLinc is also welcoming retail investors to participate in this movement.

  8. Measuring Impact: TriLinc sets itself apart by measuring and reporting its impact. It tracks indicators in social, economic, and environmental areas, such as job creation, increased wages, and reforestation. This focus on quantifiable impact distinguishes it from traditional socially responsible investing.

  9. TriLinc’s Different Approach: TriLinc differs from other funds by providing larger loans to companies, thereby promoting job creation and economic growth in regions where it operates. It also sets impact objectives as conditions for its loans.

  10. Educational Opportunity: The key to promoting impact investing lies in educating individuals about the possibilities of asking companies to embrace positive change alongside financial returns.

  11. Addressing Unmet Demand: TriLinc identifies substantial unmet demand for direct lending to companies in developing economies, estimated at approximately $1.3 trillion. By fulfilling this demand, the fund contributes to organic growth and economic development.

  12. TriLinc’s Website: The blog provides links to TriLinc’s websites, allowing readers to explore the fund and the organization’s broader mission.


TriLinc Global Impact Fund is pioneering a new approach to investment, merging financial returns with positive societal and environmental impacts. By investing in this fund, individuals can actively participate in creating a better world while achieving competitive financial returns. The podcast episode featuring Kevin Chavez offers further insights into this exciting investment opportunity.